Game Patch 18.0 - More Cyberpunk Drama (I’m sorry…)

Look, I don't want to keep talking Cyberpunk either, but you can't ignore it these days. I break down the latest happening with CD Projekt Red's game, including refund offers, why it was released when it doesn't work, and how the developers got screwed over.

I also talk about non-Cyberpunk stuff, including:        

- The best selling games for the month of November!

- The PlayStation 5 breaking records and chewing gum (or whatever the Duke Nukem saying is)

- Nintendo held an Indie Direct this week!

And lots more!      

The theme music for the show was generously provided by U.K. band 'Vertical Noise'. You can find 'A Certain Host of a Certain Talk Show' and all their music wherever you get your tunes!        

Your time stamps are as follows:        

Cyberpunk 2077 Talk - 4:05

General Gaming News - 28:35

PlayStation News - 39:50

Xbox News - 46:00       

Nintendo News: 55:50

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